Stage & Screen

Saw Richard Greenberg’s The Babylon Line at Lincoln Center. Much to chew on after dinner at Bar Boulud. A play about a writing course, agoraphobia, Sixties suburban ennui. Yes. Familiar. Literally and figuratively. Robotic adults from a cookie-cutter suburb called Levittown take the LIRR to evening class to escape their Leave It To Beaver lives. Josh Radnor of How I Met Your Mother fame, was excellent as the frustrated author-instructor. Tony winners Frank Wood and Randy Graff were superb surprises in an uneven script.

During intermission a flash on the iPhone screen. Silver Screen Queen Debbie Reynolds dead. The day after her daughter Carrie Fisher died. One word came to mind. Upstage.

One thought on “Stage & Screen

  1. Joely Fisher, Carrie’s half sister agrees: “Of course, Debbie loved nothing more than the spotlight. And I can imagine Carrie is having a laugh right now, rolling her eyes at the kind of crazy ending that only happens in Shakespearn [sic] tragedies … and Fisher novels. Carrie’s mom has once again stolen the show.”


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