Winners & Losers

Election 2016.
Losers. Not Hillary. She is the first woman Presidential nominee of a major political party. Amassed a huge campaign cache of cash.
Those who did lose. Clintonian posse. Abedin. Podesta. Palmieri et al. DNC. Donna Brazile. Moderate wing of the Democratic Party. Mid-town traffic.
Lost credibility. So-called journalists who became biased cheerleaders. Pundits. Pollsters.

Winners. Kellyanne Conway. Jared Kushner. Melania’s couture boutiques. Howie Carr. Ann Coulter.  Sanders-Warren Democrat wing.  J.D. Vance.
Media Medals. Anderson Cooper. Chris Wallace. The Circus‘ Heilemann-Halperin.
Masters of Class. Barack & Michelle Obama. Jane Sanders.