Blame Game

Obama agrees with me. We should blame McCain. For naming Sarah Palin his Veep pick. Made silly mainstream. So. A Trump could emerge as an acceptable candidate. Tomorrow night we’ll have Pence v. Kaine. A thrilla from vanilla. Who is to blame for this lame duo? Each of whom could be the next President.

Americans dominated Ryder Cup at Hazeltine. Rookies to blame on the Euro team? Nope. They fared better than the veterans. Lorne Michaels get kudos for his Alec pick. Only Trump is a zanier Trump. Nailed it.

One Reply to “Blame Game”

  1. Agreed. SNL was incredible. Alec nailed it. Uuuuge!!!! Gyna!! Gyna!! Still laughing my ass off. Whole show was brilliant. Even the non political stuff. Kudos to Lorne!


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