Only Donald Trump could interrupt his own Convention to talk about himself. While Senator Jeff Sessions was addressing the Republican crowd, Donald called into Bill O’Reilly’s show on Fox. Of course, they broke in live, to hear Donald again justify his lousy rollout of Veep pick Pence. Quite the confirmation of a lackluster first night. Then, just as Giuliani was rousing the throngs, NBC cut in to preview an interview on the Trump plane with Matt Lauer to air on tomorrow’s Today.

Back at the real Convention. Trump finally showed up. Cue Queen and a smoky Alfred Hitchcock silhouette. Enter The Champion. He did introduce his wife. She was good.

2 Replies to “InterTrumpted”

  1. You spoke too soon. Michelle was—apparently—the good one. And she wasn’t even that good. The bar was quite low.


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