Law & Order

The catch-phrase of the day. Trump & Co. Not the show. But of course, that’s the source. A TV institution. Is there anyone who hasn’t guest starred on Law & Order? And. Where is Trump going tomorrow? Indiana. Mike Pence’s State. So. Yeah. That’s my Veep prediction. Nevermind. His Indiana rally just got pulled. Who knows? Omarosa?

Hillary & Bernie are tying the knot. Finally. So what.

2 thoughts on “Law & Order

  1. Law and order guests…….See Tony awards James Corden!!! Was awesome. Last night dinner btw…… Dance of the dead!!! You would have died!! Lobster risotto saved the night though. Special that truly was to die for. Then I did. Oh wait. I’m still here stuck in pants hell. Woo hoo!!! Loved hanging with you guys and am so happy you are here!!!


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