Sinko de Mayo

The sinking of America. Bushes won’t participate in the election. Their adopted son Bill’s wife is running. Despite the fact that their real son was planning to run against her. Who would they have preferred? Jebra or H-Rod. Wow. Paul Ryan isn’t quite ready to endorse El Trumpo. Until he unifies the party. Despite the fact that he won the latest primaries by landslides. Romney won’t go to the convention. That’ll be a blow to the empty chair.

So. Joe. Who’d you rather. Hillary’s cackle. Or. Donald’s hair. Bon weekend.

2 Replies to “Sinko de Mayo”

  1. Both instill a vomitorium feeling. Hilary’s cackle the lesser of two evils. If only Bill could run again. I actually told him that to his face in Ireland back in 2006 while watching the Americans get drubbed by the Europeans. He smiled. I did say I’d vote for his wife and he said thanks. Who will be the male Monica Lewinsky when she sits at the famous desk???? The ghost of JFK??? Hmmmmmmmm


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