Weekend Pique

GOP debate ran over 2 hours with something for everyone. New York values. Read all those Jews. Cuban values. Rubio and Cruz. With a touch of Calgary views. Then over on the other side, Dem debate looms. Will Hillary finally feel the Bern? Oh. And thank you, Donald Trump. For getting the Iranian hostages released. He has nagged Kerry about this for weeks. Plus the $150 billion.

Who can I pick for the NFL’s divisional woes. More strained egos and broken everything from shoulders to toes. No matter. Joe is distracted by another show. So. Pats are busy with off-the-field hijinks. Smith and Kansas City will mow them down. For the rest of the Pack. Not Aaron. Denver. Carolina. Arizona.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Pique

  1. My show distraction is next weekend. Seems I’m always watching the Patriots in AFC championship in a hotel room filled with pants envy. Should be Pats envy. I watched alone yesterday texting my negativity to my boys and friends only to have each one tell me, I can’t take it anymore. Stop texting me!! Then as the Pats won again, I let them know I knew it all along. On the same theme, Patriots will lose in Denver next week thanks to a despicable performance in Miami in week 17. I did pick as follows for this weekend but understand it doesn’t count as I’m late to the party. Patriots, Arizona, Seattle & Denver.


  2. I believe your picks. The Arizona-GreenBay game was so fun. But, I disagree with you about Pats. If they play as they did yesterday, tight and focused, they will win SB again.

    This is the worst year for coaching I’ve seen, especially time/clock management. Pats are very well coached and managed. So, there!


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