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It must be December. Snow globe has appeared on the blog. If not in our town, then in Dr.Husband’s Shelburne Center photo header. Holidays must be upon us. Real flakes can take a break until after Christmas eggnog.

Joey3Sticks has bet many ranches on the Pats and now owns the Ponderosa. Broncos did indeed pullout an overtime flurry win. And Gronk is out. When will NFL Fox Sunday not have to spend half the hour on Jay Glazer’s injury report?

Nationalism’s Global Spread. Buy Local. As protectionists gain popularity and power in Europe and Canada, Trumpistas here at home, invest in products made in the U.S.A. It’s a trend. Do the research, though.

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  1. It’s no longer about winning in the NFL with your team. It’s about who will be there in the end with the players who have made it through a full season with knees, Achilles, brains etc. NFL so scary now. Can’t hit above the shoulders. Soon, can’t hit below the waist. Players too juiced? Legal way for a gang fight? Becoming tough to watch. War of attrition in the end. If you’re healthy in the end, maybe just maybe you can hold the Lombardi trophy. No Gronk. No trophy. Should be interesting but changes need to be made. Only a matter of time when we are devasted by much more than an injury on the field.


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