Jeb the Whiner

Whining. Complaining. Frowning. Slouching. Sighing. Poor beleaguered Jeb. You said you didn’t sign up for this. It’s hard to raise money. It’s hard to shake hands 24/7. It’s hard to endure Trump’s jabs. It’s hard to travel night and day. Hey. What did you sign up for anyway? I know. You thought Daddy’s friends would give you lots of dough. You’d make a few speeches and then, they’d escort you into the Convention next summer. You’d be nominated and pull out brother W’s machine to help in the general election. You’d win.

And then, you’d hire Wolfowitz and his crony Neocons to run the show. Oops. Those cantankerous Democrats will be tough to deal with. You won’t like that. It’s hard. Do us all a favor. Go home. Hang out. That’s not hard.

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