Autumnal Reprise

381892_10150442993495930_755060929_10860318_790837649_nShort days. Pale light. Orange squash. Dry stalks. Colorful corn. Rusted hues. Last roses. DSC_0016-1Morning chill. Gathering nuts. Potatoes. Leeks. Hearty stews. Dark nights. Hearth glow. Crispy leaves. Tourist peeps. Naked trees. Soon. Snow. What?

Happens every year. Baseball’s World Series and playoffs. Stunning final 5 win for the Mets at L.A.’s home. Daniel Murphy, Familia relief. But, seems slow-mo. As if players have squirreled quaaludes into their gold chains or under their long curls. Like a game in the middle of July for the the Dodgers’ third base coach. He was kicking the bag and out to lunch. But, hey. Winning! Go Mets. Bon weekend.

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