H-Rod Hot Seat

It IS close to Halloween. But, still not a great idea to keep calling the Benghazi investigation of Hillary a “witch hunt”.  Yup. Bad enough that Obama threw her under the bus to Steve Kroft. PrezO did elevate Joe, though. So.

Tomorrow night’s Dem Debate will be a gotcha gathering for all those invested in a train wreck. But, most will make it a ten minute show. Unless there is a flaming Bern. Drinking game phrase: income inequality. Yawn ho. Mets. Go.

3 thoughts on “H-Rod Hot Seat

  1. I will (happily) be watching the Mets game tonight and rely on a 2-minute clip video to show me the one interesting thing Bernie said, and the creepy/annoying thing Hillary said that Fox News will play on repeat for the next three weeks. LET’S! GO! METS!


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