Three outliers are climbing current Republican polls. Businesswoman. Neurosurgeon. Real Estate Mogul. All have much to recommend them in their own fields, but does their experience tell the real tale. And does it translate to running the most powerful country in the world.

Carly Fiorina re-writes her experience as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, as detailed by Andrew Ross Sorkin. She claims that she grew H-P’s business. Revenues did grow by a bad acquisition. And by definition consolidation demands downsizing, outsourcing and job losses. But, she cratered profits thus stock price, too. Even so. As with many male CEO’s, getting sacked doesn’t preclude them from going on to lead other organizations. Maybe not President. Who knows.

Ben Carson is a famed neurosurgeon so he must be smart. Right? Not. He may be brilliant in the operating room, but his geopolitical and economic sphere seems slim. Sweden and Switzerland are different countries. Semites are not just Israelis. Deregulate everything but banks. What?

El Trumpo is the ultimate outlier from big biz. His braggadocio is epic. Yes, he’s what a mega-branding genius should be. Yet, can his hyperbole act as a catalyst to stimluate congress to act. To get things done. Maybe.

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