Fresh Brew

Who is the antidote to El Trumpo? Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. According to Maureen Dowd, many Democrats are cajoling the ‘lord of latte’ to get in. He has vision. Patriotism. Ideas. Business success. Creative talent. Proven leadership qualities. He’s brash but not brazen. Brooklyn vs. Donald’s Queens kitsch.

President Starbucks. Why not?

4 thoughts on “Fresh Brew

  1. Why not Howard Schultz is exactly the same why not as for Trump, Carson, and Fiorina. They’ve got no record in any elective office, and it’s unwise to put someone up for the top public service job first time out when we have no idea how they might govern. It’s a stupid risk with high potential for negative consequences to the country. Let ’em all run for mayor somewhere and prove themselves worthy.


    • Fine in some cases, bad in others. That’s my whole point! If they have a record in office, you can judge, but if they only have success in business we know nothing. Government isn’t, can’t be and should not run like a business. You don’t have to be diplomatic or camera-ready in business. Focusing narrowly benefits business, but it’s disastrous for government. Government is a cooperative, collaborative enterprise. Business is competitive, and based on concrete hierarchy where change and turnover are negatives, while government personnel often shuffle through different posts as needed.


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