Finish Coarse

What would God say? Zach Johnson jovially tells the world that he was reciting ‘scripture’ on the sidelines as his competitor lined up a tying putt. Seems a little prejudicial. But, hey. I’m sure Jeeezus stopped whatever he was doing to listen to Zach’s exhortations to make sure he won the British Open. What?! Fine. Pray. Meditate. Levitate. But, keep it to yourself. The public doesn’t need to hear how your Faith exalted you above the rest of the field. How arrogant and insulting.

Okay. It was a boring playoff group. Shrek. Leishman. Johnson. Yawn. Speith and Day showed class in defeat. More than I can say for the ‘chosen one’.

Will miss the R&A starter who announced every player on a high note.

2 thoughts on “Finish Coarse

  1. Paaaaaadrick Haaaaaarington!!!! Agreed. Will miss him as well. Just saw this. So many stories that woulda coulda shoulda. Day vertigo recovery. Spieth obviously. Adam Scott witchie poo pick, Sergio first. It goes on and on. Anything but that three. Oh well. I’ll say it now and am not sure why but we will all be rejoicing as Tiger wins another major at some point next year. Yup, I said it. So let it be written…….


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