Mixed Book Bag

Church of Marvels, by Leslie Parry. Gritty Life Circus. A debut success. It does not rise to the lyrical edgy joy of Erin Morgenstern’s Night Circus. This tale is more a ghastly version of Robertson Davies’ World of Wonders. Dark. But, glowing writing makes up for it. Turn of the last century saga of tortured tattered lives. Endurance. Wit. Finally. A novel worth reading. First one in a long time. Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Kroll. Insipid at best. Terrible.

Governor Nikki Haley, South Carolina. Classy stateswoman. National leadership quality. El Chapo chasing down el Trumpo. Oh oh. Woods and Dufner together practicing for the British Open. Are they gonna share Jason’s sexy ex-wife, too? Ray Donovan is back better than ever with a snide side of Katie Holmes.

3 Replies to “Mixed Book Bag”

  1. Why couldn’t they pair Tiger and the Duffster at the Open?? Would have been great TV. Who loves a scandal more than the British??? Come on!! Ray Donavan is spot on. Absolutely love that show. House and Ray my favorites by far!! I hope El Chapo doesn’t find El Trumpo. He’s adding so much fun the the “presidential ” race. Ha!!! What an absolute asshole!! But can’t turn him off. 2 weeks of pants hell starts today….don’t much care about the weather until July 24…… A happy sunny day for Cathy!!!


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