Sunday Sport

Will Tiger have a bogey-free round ever again? That should be his only goal for the rest of this season. Is American Pharaoh a Triple Crown winner? Oh yeah. Decisively. Despite the fact that his name is misspelled. Are hockey finals exciting? For sure. But, still predict 7 games. Rigged. Can you watch the French Open with the sound on? No. Grunting and groaning gross.

Is Wednesday Martin a horrible writer, woman, person? Definitely. Do not buy her book! Made the mistake of skimming it. Using anthropology as a veil for vulgar trashing of her neighbors. Abhorrent anachronistic primate is she.

Did Ogilvy & Mather New York win Effie for most effective individual ad agency of the year? Yup. Congrats O&M and mAdBen!