Hot Spring

Muggy. Hot. Spring weekend. Searing topics. Deflated Patriots fans wondering why balls report is twice as long as domestic violence study in the NFL. Kraft v. Goodell. Brady accused of Clintonian hijinks. Note to everybody. Stop texting stuff. Hope to Hot Springs. Put a muzzle on Bubba. Across the pond, hordes of mediocre candidates threaten to upend British political scene. Sound familiar?

Players Championship trios set. Tiger, Package, Handsome Adam. Caddies replaced by shrinks. Wunderkinds Spieth and Rory together toDay.

Book review: At the Water’s Edge, Sarah Gruen. Bon weekend.

One Reply to “Hot Spring”

  1. Jim Messina behind the scenes in U.K. for David Cameron cinched his surprising win. Bad news for conservatives in the U.S., though. Messina is coming back to work for Hillary here. Game over?!


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