Spieth’s Armour

Jordan had no chinks in his Under Armour. History at the Masters. And none of The Side Trek blognosticators picked him. So, Joe. You do the math. Who won?

2 Phippy. 4 Rory. 12 Ricky. 17 Sergio, Tiger. 22 Reed. 28 Day.
38 Scott, Bubba, Schwartzl. Kaymer missed cut.

Joe’s winner: Dr. Husband. Although Will had double Phil’s.

6 thoughts on “Spieth’s Armour

  1. I think we have to go with Dr. Husband! No? He had the most in the top group. Lobster dinner here for him anytiime he wants. Actually, everyone who picked is invited. Gary gets the biggest one though. A first for him……Hahahaha!!!!


  2. No doubles!!! Didn’t you play marbles? Dr. Husband it is. As I said, everyone welcome here on whatever weekend for lobster festival. Gary gets a 2 1/2 pounder. The rest get 2 1/4. Agreed with Madmen review. We were both disappointed. Watching Bloodline season finale tonight. Whacked but reeled us in.


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