Pick ‘n’ Roll

TV pick of the year so far. Conan in Cuba. You have to find this 90-minute window into a wonderful culture just off our shores. Laugh until you cry. Learn so much. O’Brien’s nod to Bourdain’s Parts Unknown with a slap stick.

March Madness rolls on. Sweet Sixteen. Um. Joe. Michigan State beat oops… Virginia! Who is still in? Oh, yes. All of my teams.

Girls finale. They are finally gaining independence and perspective. Growing up. Gone Girl. Found it at RedBox. It was good. Rosamund Pike personified Amy as in the book. Affleck not so much Nick.

Run Ted Run. This could be fun.

2 Replies to “Pick ‘n’ Roll”

  1. We had Jake do his own bracket. He picked teams based on the logo, team color and mascot. He was kicking our butts until yesterday. I only have 7 of the sweet 16. But I did pick the winner. Kentucky is a lock. Bet the farm! Is Ted Cruz the scariest of the bunch? Actually scary to say but probably not. Will look for Conan. Frankly, I forgot he still had a show.


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