In a Pickle

House of Cards 3.  Spoilers!

We begin with Frank whipping it out to defile his father’s gravestone. Then, Frank Underwood v. Viktor Petrov. Clash of pickles. Claire makes the mistake of calling Petrov’s small. So long to her U.N. ambassadorship, flimsy as it was. Claire’s disdain for Francis’ under wood builds as her hormones rule. Too much time is spent on Doug’s demise caused by his addictive Rachel lust. It’s all a bust.

Writing was uneven in Season 3. Excessive emphasis on Stamper and other ancillary relationships. Not enough political intrigue. The debate was great. Cathedral scene jarring climax. Crash of relics. No context nor follow up. Left disappointed with Frank in a real pickle. Hope Season 4 will be better.

2 thoughts on “In a Pickle

  1. We felt exactly the same way. I wanted to hear your thoughts as I said yesterday. Finale spent way too much time in the van. Do it already and get back to the meat of the show. Still love the show but stick with Francis and Claire!!!!


    • Agree. Too much about Doug Stamper in general. Tom the biographer and Remy, too. Love interests are distractions like NewsRoom, which I do not like. More political intrigue and high crimes. As you say, the old Francis and Claire!!


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