Weekend Oscar

Build a fire and forget the cold and snow. Make a winter version of the classic Veal Oscar with asparagus and crab or lobster meat. Sip Sancerre with it and enjoy the red carpet and the show. Hope a new trend continues where actors refuse to answer questions about bling and couture rather than their craft and accomplishments. Has anyone seen the nominated films? Heard one good review of Boyhood and Patricia Arquette. All unappealing, depressing themes. For me. So. No. Haven’t watched a one. Except still waiting for Gone Girl to rent.

House of Cards starts next Friday. That’s something to celebrate. Bon weekend.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Oscar

  1. Oh my god. We are so having veal Oscar Sunday night too!!! Love it! Saw all of the movies except American sniper. My favorite by far was The Grand Budapest Hotel. All of the others were just okay. Gone Girl probably second best. Birdman was wacked, Boyhood disappointing, Imitation game I slept through, Theory of Everything not about him as much as his ailment. All in all a very subpar year for movies. Television is where it’s at!! House of Cards can’t get here soon enough.


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