Ides of Winter

Indoors. All the time. 20 below. So. More television and books. SNL 40 Anniversary showFallon, Timberlake, Wayne’s World live performances held up. Celeb audience turned cue card readers boring. Old clips funniest and still relevant. Miley has talent. Pauls should rest on their laurels. Like those delusional kids on American Idol, it’s not loving to let them sing anymore.

Desperation brought me to an Oprah Book. Ruby, by Cynthia Bond. Her prose is beautiful and takes us into Ruby’s world. But, hard to love the grisly depraved tale of a poor little girl in the American Deep South in the 50’s and 60’s. She endures horrors heaped upon horrors. Tough to handle, even if many children probably experience this brutal brand of daily terror. Worse that such demented violence came mostly from her own people. Churchgoing elder, Celia, was the most selfish and evil, the all too often woman who blames other women victims for their own abuse, holding deadly secrets as collateral. A slice of life that most of us will never understand. Worth the read if you can get through it.

2 Replies to “Ides of Winter”

  1. Jeopardy for my money was the best skit of the night. Will Farrell killed it. Pauls were both brutal. Miley was the best performance. I can’t believe I’m saying that. Her rendition was actually beautiful. Love Fallon & Timberlake but thought it would have been more appropriate to open the show with the old guard. I get it though, they need a younger audience to tune in. Show was good but could have been so much better in my view.


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