GoodNight News!

Good Night, Jon!  Real news.  Good Riddance, Brian!  Fake news.

Network news has become the fusion of entertainment and information. Anchors celebrities at the center of their own stories. NBC’s Brian Williams called his lying a “conflation” as NYTimes pushes false memory theory to excuse the guy.

Journalism award goes to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Yes, Jon got his start hosting the Correspondents Dinner. Fraternizes with the glitterai. But, never apologizes for parodying them. Stewart closer to Cronkite. Integrity. Context. Conscience. We will miss you, Jon.

2/12: Ironic fate. Bob Simon the true global journalist. Great writer and investigator. He actually did what Brian Williams pretended and much more. Tragic senseless end to a courageous career that brought us his insight.

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