Super Game

Best Super Bowl Game ever! Got my wish. Close. Fun. Edelman should have been MVP. Butler made the difference. Great commercials, too. Lots of ads promoting Dads. Refreshing. Half-time show. Katy Perry is no Bruno Mars. Lame Disney-esque. But, hey. It’s all about the ball. And a really bad call.

Bracing for a foot or so of snow. Tomorrow. Candles ready. Here we go. Again. Hope they are wrong. Again.

6 Replies to “Super Game”

  1. It was neither. The offensive coordinator made it and he should watch his back when he gets back to Seattle. Owner will have to fire him. Pete Carroll should take responsibility though. It’s his ultimate call. It’s already come out this morning that only one of the footballs was deflated from the AFC championship game. Can you say ESPN made this whole thing up to get ratings??? I sure can. Mortenson and ESPN crew at there absolute worst!! Jealousy rings true throughout the NFL and non Patriots fans. It doesn’t stop there either. Networks want new champions as well. The Patriots are a class organization from top to bottom. See Robert Kraft!!! I will wear my new Patriots championship tees, hats (which I already purchased last night) with more pride than ever before!!!!


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