Holiday Letter 2014

Chers Faux Amis,

Six months since exciting Spring update. And. Well. Yes. We’ve moved from Silent H to Pronounced H, Massachusetts. Our matchy cottage is finally finished. Blue-gray is the color of the day. Two houses next door can paint theirs. Ours is permanent. So. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. No? Built a fenced-in pig-pen out front. What will Zoning Board say about that? Little hogs will have to tangle with aging Mephistopheles the cat. Money’s on Meph.

The fresh outlook is wonderful. We can see right into neighbors’ windows with no trees in our way. Sunbeams galore on our PV panels. Speaking of which. Moonbeam is back from Colorado. He’s almost 30 now and training at the medical marijuana clinic here in town. Goody. He can move in with us again and resurrect Candy Crush marathons in the brand new basement!

Zelda still needs to replace Prius CoExist bumper sticker with WeExist. Bought each other matchy-matchy winter jackets, too. It’s a theme. Have to collect melted snow from the plastic barrels now. Happy Kristwaanzakkah to all.

The Bidrights,

Newly of Northampton (pronounced h)
Formerly of Amherst (silent h)

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