News Room

Handbook on How to Incite a Riot. Ferguson. Pre-mature State of Emergency. Amass the National Guard. CNN reports 24/7.  Hypes announcement coming for weeks. Leaks that a decision has been reached hours before community is told. Governor holds press conference to tell everyone to be calm. Whatever the Grand Jury outcome, it’s a set-up. Let’s hope sane protests prevail and mayhem’s a fizz.

FauxNews Benghazzzzzi obsession has finally run out of steam. The Howdy Gowdy bi-partisan report shows no basis for years of conspiratorial allegations. Fox’s response? ObamaCare guru Gruber on every show. Replacement fixation.

Defense Sec Chuck Haggard can finally take a nap. Poor guy always looks so tired. Should have gotten a clue from his dismal confirmation hearing.

Newsroom show sucks. Stilted dialogue. Contrived relationships. Pedantic people. Over at AMA‘s. Pitt Bull is glib. Taylor Swift is classy smart.

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