Crisis of Competence

Casting aspersions on healthcare workers who contracted Ebola in Dallas for not following proper protocols. Blaming the victims. The real culprit is the politically correct jerk who runs the CDC. He cares more about economies in West Africa. Blames nurse for getting on a commercial airplane. Turns out, his people gave her the okay to fly even after she alerted them that she had a fever. Even if no symptoms, she treated a guy who died from Ebola. Common sense, anyone?

It is one thing when the guy bagging groceries puts eggs on the bottom of the sack with wet ice cream and bread. Incompetence seems pervasive these days. But, when it’s life or death. It’s not okay anymore.

2 thoughts on “Crisis of Competence

  1. Agreed it’s a travesty that she was told ” ok to fly”. At first the news made her sound irresponsible, when in fact the CDC was irresponsible.
    In reality, living in NYC, I am more afraid of getting bed bugs on public transportation than Ebola.


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