DSC_0008-2Here they come. Leaf peepers cluster muck up Route 91. Stay on the back roads.

Where is Kim? No. Not Kanye’s booty spouse. The short North Korea basketball dictator. Who is minding the bombs? Rodman? ISOL and ISIL. Ebola isolations and terrorists. Fun times. And. NLCS sounds like a disease, not an exciting baseball playoff. Call it something else. AIG lawsuit. Entertaining parade of witnesses. Geithner. Bernanke. Paulson. SideBizness.

Autumnal Roast Chicken.  Long Foliage SideTrekking.  Bon weekend.

4 thoughts on “Incoming

  1. You’re a Giants fan for God sakes!! I know the New York football giants more than the SF version. I’m rooting for SF and you should too!!


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