Bumpy Ryde

Ryder Cup. Biennial rout of U.S.A. Americans are jingoistic prima donnas who can’t play as a team. Coddled all the way up, they whine about playing 36 holes in a day. They yip and overanalyze taking ridiculous amounts of time. Keegan the worst. This year’s captain, Tom Watson is a bit of a dip. Thanks his wife, then takes it back. Calls Euro Team studs. At the press conference, Phippy Mickelson trashes Tom’s leadership and strategy in front of his team and the world. Sportsmanship? Lose with grace. Sour grapes. Bad taste. Red pants were cool.

Europeans are journeymen who’ve earned their way and come together in the end. They laugh, joke and drink together. A lot. More fun. More class. Win.

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