Back to Iraq. We need villains to justify military action. ISIS is a worthy genocidal nemesis. Why can’t we mount an attack to obliterate them? Years of failed wars and occupations. Fear-mongering as pretense after 9/11 has depleted spirit and treasure paralyzing the Pentagon for decades to come.

Happy rewind. We were eating at E’Angelo in San Francisco when mAdBen was a few months old. Robin Williams walked in with a baby girl in his snuggly. She was wearing the same hat as Ben’s. Unique from a Jackson Street boutique. Dr.Husband nodded to baby girl and said, “nice hat”. Robin replied, “nice hat”, nodding at Ben. They traded baby names. Hers Zelda. Ben and Zelda met again as toddlers listening to stories around the blue rug at San Fran’s JCC pre-school. Dad Robin often joined in and animatedly read to them.