Mersey Ful

British Open from Merseyside, Royal Liverpool at Hoylake. Site of a previous Tiger win. He’s back and in the hunt. Fun viewing of the links along the sea. Merciful distraction. Can Rory survive the lead through Friday?

CNN has another Malaysian airplane disaster to occupy them as they thwart a takeover by Fox. Is there a Moonves-Zucker partnership in the offing? All networks consumed with the tense geopolitical tragedy in the Ukraine. Not to mention the Middle East has just begun a major encore ground war.

So, let’s hope for an exciting golf tourney. And keep Ray Donovan from going into the trunk again. Bon weekend to JoeyPants and mAd moving Ben.

2 Replies to “Mersey Ful”

  1. Awesome leaderboard! Especially for you…..sans Phippy. Tragic day abroad. Sorry I can’t help MadBen move. I still owe him a maddening Ikea construction day. May the pants be with you……


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