World Cap

Let’s face it. It’s still not our sport. El fútbol. Yes, our boys play it when they don’t make the real Football team. Or, as young kids to get trophies for just scrumming around the black and white ball. But, c’mon. There are no quarters, innings, or periods where the clock can be stopped for television commercials. No gazillion dollars on ads. And, really. Most of the guys on the U.S. team. They are not like truly Americanos, if you know what I mean. No Bud Lites to be seen.

Our goalie Howard was heroic. And that kid, Green. The rest of the team looked tired and klutzy. Those gorgeous South American and European stars can pass and kick. The British announcers’ classy parlance is superlative, too. “Dripping with drama” instead of “What a faker he is”.  Maybe next century, U.S.A. U.S.A.  Now, let’s enjoy watching very good play.

2 Replies to “World Cap”

  1. You nailed it Carol.
    USA left a HUGE # of more talented players home, including 3 on the NE Revolution team.
    I have always been a supporter of the Orange (Cruyff 70s….think Pele, just better).
    Ideal finals Holland or Germany vs Brazil or Argentina (however not sure of brackets makin that feasible; would any 2 of that 4)


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