Streak Enders

Belmont Stakes’ Tonalist topples California Chrome’s run for the Triple Crown. Cowboy owner not happy. Rafa at Roland Garros wrecked Djok’s chances for a career Slam. Let’s hope leaving L.A. will resurrect Rangers from losing run.

Ended summer reading dry spell. St. Aubyn’s Lost for Words is a playful satire of the corrupt Man Booker Prize process. The ironic twist of fate takes the cake. Especially for an author of a “cookery book“.

Game of Thrones frustrating. Long lopsided battle on the Wall. What a waste of an episode. Have to wait another week to find out Tyrion’s fate. Bourdain finished this season with lots of Cachaça in Bahia Brasil. Parts you want to know. Obrigado.


4 Replies to “Streak Enders”

  1. I would kill to spend a day with Anthony Bourdain. Preferably in Paris or San Francisco. My two favorite cities in the world. His treks are fascinating!! On another note, I would love feedback on the horrendous quality of professional golf that is being played weekly in these tournaments. Has anyone watched the final rounds? Amateurs have to be asking themselves……”wait, I can do that”. Putrid golf and the tour is kidding themselves if they think this can continue without Tiger. Hope he’s back for “The Open”!!!! Fargo is our new fav. Will have to get Netflix for Kevin and Co. Soon.


    1. Agree. Bourdain would be a great companion anywhere! He likes to enjoy life and is a brilliant story-teller.

      Maybe that’s why we don’t watch golf anymore. Thought Tiger was officially not playing in the Open. You could beat these wannabes.

      Fargo makes me LOL literally. Love that show.


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