Book Smith

Smith College swirling around current scene. Just finished Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings. Never heard of her nor read anything she’d written, but wanted a light read. Turns out she went to Smith as did the wealthy mother in this book.

It’s about six New York 70’s kids who meet at a summer arts camp in the Berkshires. They call themselves “The Interestings”. Mostly they are not, except for Ethan. He has real talent as a cartoonist and creator of an imaginary world. He becomes rich and famous. It’s a trite tale that ends at camp schadenfreudey.

The Tour, by Jean Grainger is a sweet read. Ms. Grainger led tours of Ireland for twelve years, and this must be a compilation of her fantasy group of nine. Great literature it is not. Badly in need of copyediting. I’m not sure how this indie paperback found its way to my shelf. But, if you like things Irish, its tourist landmarks, a one-dimensional history lesson, syrupy contrived story lines and ludicrously happy endings and you find it on your shelf, give it a quick go.

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