Linkages and De-Linkages. Tiger’s personal errant antics stunted a meteoric career. Rory took note as he stared marital reality in the face. KimYe bliss notwithstanding. Meanwhile, an 11-year old girl qualifies for the U.S. Open.

Anthony Bourdain’s time in Russia foreshadowed Putin’s Crimealization. Brilliantly written Parts Unknown continues to captivate. Over at MadMen7 Peggy’s wimpy waffling gives Don an opening. Still stunned by his complacency. Joan has more cojones than any of them. Partner over Paper Wife. No contest. Best Game of Thrones in a while. Dynamic duos. Surprising twists and turns.

Morning Joe has become Mika’s family & misandry show. Am I the only one confusing group who sang Whiter Shade of Pale with terrorists in Nigeria?

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