Spring Letter 2014

Dear Friends & Others,

I couldn’t wait for Kristmas to tell you our exciting news. Happy Spring! MoonBeam has kicked the Candy Crush addiction and is off to Colorado, to embark on a career in cannabis retail. Zelda finally tired of her entertainment phase and is back from Vegas. Now she wants to start a new chapter.

So we decided to build an eco-friendly home in Pronounced H, Massachusetts. Always conscious of the greater good, we are thrilled with our new project. Found the perfect heavily wooded lot in a family neighborhood. Oops. Had to annihillate all those annoying trees to make room for our sun. Solar zone! But, hey. I’m naked like a tree. It’s the only way to be. Apologies to David Gray.

Anyway. Footprint got away from us. Lots of big machines. Oil truck empties real quick. Cranky neighbors. Geez. The shovel dozer parked on their doorstep looks like a yellow Easter bunny. The mud pile in front of their picture window reminds us of Mt. Mansfield. How can they not enjoy that view every day?

Mephistopheles the cat is so looking forward to moving in! She hates our two new pure breed pigs. But, oh well. Rescue mutt next door will have to deal. In the meantime, we’ll replaceĀ CoExist bumper sticker with WeExist.

Until Kristmakkah.

The Bidrights
Silent H, Massachusetts


4 Replies to “Spring Letter 2014”

  1. On the record Kentucky Derby:

    Ben 1. Saamraat 2. Wicked Strong 3. Danza
    CandyPants 1. Candy Boy 2.California Chrome 3. Ride on Curlin
    Gary 1. Dance with Fate 2. Secretariat 3. Seabiscuit
    Joe 1. Danza
    Alison 1. California Chrome 2. Secretariat
    Jake 1. Metal Count


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