Games Men

Game of Thrones. Khalisee returns. Powerful as she speaks in tongues. Where are the dragons? King Cray Cray’s departed depravity surpassed by his sibling parentals’ own. Next to his corpse no less. Who’s this new kid next on the throne?

MadMen7. Fast forward to late 1960’s. Sally gives her father the only unconditional love he’s ever known. Gorgeous last scene. Racism turned on its head. Dawn lands the office manager job as Joan finally moves upstairs and takes her rightful place as partner and account executive. As has been pointed out by a smart BL, there are anachronisms galore. Not the least, men in pink shirts.

Closer to home. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife Chirlane McCray revealed being bullied and ostracized when her family moved from Springfield to all-white upscale Longmeadow, Mass., early 1970’s.

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