Red Wedding’s blood spills over as Ned’s sword is forged for Lannister domination. This GoT opener is filled with girly allegory. A bit of a chick filet if you ask me. My savvy sources say that the season will improve. Good to know.

Khaleesi is tested by her adolescent dragons as she pours on the maternal syrup to amass hoards to bring to Lannister’s shores. Over there, cray cray King Joffrey, offspring of sibling incest, becoming more Caligula by the day. Women around him cavort and plot. Sadism seethes and Tyrion cannot rise to stop it.

Meanwhile, ruthless Arya Stark and her sidekick the Hound are a picaresque duo. Comic if gory relief. She recaptures her sword, the Needle, for multiple revenge. Jon Snow. White Horse? Good vs. Evil. “Two Swords”.  Never gets old.

Veep remains vapid. Silicon Valley is no Big Bang, yet.

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