Aprile Pazzo

Earth quaking. L.A. Chile. Next door. Digging. Banging. Shaking all over. But, hey. Spring has sprung. Porch weather. Evenings when construction stops. PGA malaise. Tiger out. Baseball back. Finally four. On Wisconsin!

Newly overused words. Metrics. Does that replace data? Demographics? Trends? You curate everything now instead of what? Collect. Organize. Put together. Arrange. You curate a vintage booth at the flea market,  your wardrobe, thoughts for a speech, items on a blog. On-air personalities begin each sentence with “So”. Media consultants. It’s ubiquitous. Listen. It replaces well, or um, or uh, which is good. So… Treme. Meme. Game of Thrones binge. Bon weekend.


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