Spring Break?

Escaped late Spring storm. Hit the Cape. Windy. Cold. Anyway. Hundreds of missing under Washington State mudslides. Boston blaze. G7 not 8. Minor stories. Still non-stop missing airplane coverage. It’s the new Benghazi. But, hey. Reege is back at Chelsea Piers. Crowd Goes Wild! Just in time for sweet sixteen.

photo-70What a difference a few days make. Trees next door. Bang. Buzz. Clang. Shake. Trees gone. Headache.


4 Replies to “Spring Break?”

  1. I hate seeing that. Couldn’t they have left a few trees up? Geez. Call the fence company at the end of your street now!!!!


  2. Agree Idol sucks. Last 2 performances by Gina and Caleb were great though. We will come visit soon and bring quick growing seeds.


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