No, not Morning Joe. It’s St. Joseph’s Day. Swallows back to Capistrano. Father’s Day. But, where is Joe? He leaves us to endure Mika’s misandry rants. Joe Biden’s over in Poland trying to mollify NATO allies as neo-cons go ballistic. They should look in the mirror. If it weren’t for their never-ending wars for oil, we’d have more options today. As it is, they spent us into isolationism.

Joey3’s final four: Kansas, Arizona, Michigan State beating Michigan. I took Wisconsin, Kansas, Virginia, Louisville. Happy 20th to GQ and A-Man.

4 thoughts on “MoJo

  1. Thx for the 20 wishes !! Going to Caravaggio for dinner – will report back on experience.
    Yes also wonder where is Joe? Just too strange.


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