Mind Field

True Detective’s brilliant first tale ends. ‘Far from any road’, the angry river flows through the heart of darkness. Secrets, base instincts, generational evil. Music sets the landscape from the opening song by the Handsome Family, primitive and haunting. Cohle and Hart change as they trudge through muck and mire of a slimy underculture in the dank bayous. There is more light than dark as it turns out. Never better acting than McConaughey or Harrelson. Nic Pizzolatto will be challenged to top the premier masterpiece of his HBO mystery anthology.

For the best panel discussions of each True Detective episode, The Atlantic. New Yorker’s interview with Adam Lanza’s father is heartbreaking on every level. Devastating study of mental illness and its ramifications. The Manticore, book two of Robertson Davies’ Deptford Trilogy is an education in Jungian psychology. Anima. Shadow. From the perspective of the murder victim’s son.

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