Ozzz Scars

Red Carpet. Nasty-faced publicists barking orders. Narcissists on narcotics. Practiced plastic smiles. Hands on hips. Silly.

The Show. On Quaaludes. Over-produced. Under-executed. Pacing halting. Ellen even. Presenters stilted. Selfies on steroids. Rare displays of class. Jolie-Pitt. Best dresses. Charlize Theron. Amy Adams. Pink can sing. Bette not.

Shoulda watched Girls and True Detective.

5 Replies to “Ozzz Scars”

  1. Was shocked that Ellen – the queen of nice-was so mean to Liza. Was that necessary?
    Thought Cate looked elegant as did Lupita.


  2. We actually thought the show was great. Sounds like we are the only ones. Thought Ellen was terrific. Some of the speeches were outstanding in my view. McCaughnahey is a great actor but is whacked. I guess you could say the same for Daniel Day Lewis. Anyhow, we really enjoyed the show for a change.


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