Freeze Frame

It’s 1962 all over again. Russia sabre rattling, a war ship docked in Cuba. Where’s Nikita Krushchev? Fidel Castro is actually still around. Get on the aqua trim line wall phone and make a reservation on an Eastern Airlines prop to share a cabana with Papa on the beach in Fort Lauderdale just 90 miles from the missiles. No, that’s the Korean War redux. The more things change…

Congrats to Dr.Husband. BayState Children’s Hospital Specialty Center to care for kids in a Disney experience under one roof. Ribbon-cutting yesterday.

Below zero temps end this shortest longest month. Happy 89 to La Grande Dame of the Upper West Side. 86th Oscars in rainy LA. Joey3 Picks: McConaughey, Leto, Blanchett, Lawrence, Hustle; Dr.H says 12 Years A Slave, Blanchett, McConaughey; I’m hoping Leonardo, Blanchett, Hill and Hustle.

2 Replies to “Freeze Frame”

  1. Can I come use the BodPod Gary??? Is there an adult version? Congratulations on a job very well done! So proud of my brother in law. So many kids are so lucky to have you looking out for them.


  2. The BodPod is one size fits all, and you’re welcome to use it any time. It doesn’t hurt a bit. And thanks for your kind words. I’m the lucky one. For so many reasons.


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