High Notes

Uplifting Olympics moments amidst mogul doldrums. Life as snowboard race. Crash. Get up. Win. Oshie shootout at Sochi. Gold ice dancers from Detroit.

GoodReads. Non-fiction. Profoundly Disconnected, Mike Rowe. Young Money, Kevin Roose. My Age of Anxiety, Scott Stossel.

James Franco hitting Broadway Stage, Of Mice and Men. Women taking the reins at Downton. Lena finally puts a shirt over that bikini. Jimmy Fallon crushes opening week. Forget the florets. Sliced Cauliflower best. RecipeDetours.

3 Replies to “High Notes”

  1. Sitting waiting for numbness to kick in for second round of root canal. Woo hoo. Did you think Jimmy Fallon was good ? I thought it was a bit uncomfortable. He can dance better than Will though. I was a bit disappointed. I think he has incredible talent. Just needs some time to develop his tonight show.


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