Dog Days of Winter

Westminster Dog Show begins. Sochi continues. Yawn. Pebble Beach. Snore. Cold. Snow. Downton drudging along. Edith will have an interesting challenge as she goes it alone. Is her guy a criminal, captive or cad? Or Nazi? We’ll see. How will Bates do away with the evil valet? Mary has more suitors than pigs. Alfred story-line lame. Lord Grantham off to America to promote Monuments Men.

Second-hand brunch reviews- Upper East Side. Cucina Ciano bright spot, dismal service, dim food. Parlor good basic American breakfast and plenty bloody’s.

Mika looks better with glasses. Hillary all the time. Really? Another week of Valentine’s teddy-bear, pajama-gram ads. Noooo!

2 Replies to “Dog Days of Winter”

  1. Isn’t it fun to watch Idol again? Smart, interesting evaluation. Agree with the judges or not, having confidence that they are probably right. Harry Connick Jr is awesome. Actually all of the judges very likeable. We are enjoying every minute again.


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