Jersey Bowl

Candlepin. Ten Pin. No. Stadium in a New Jersey backwater. Mayor doesn’t even get a ticket. No respect. Reege interviewed GovChristie. Where? New York. Didn’t want to chance crossing GWB. Teams eating and drinking in Manhattan.

Fans? Forget about it. High airfares from mild mellow Seattle or Denver to cold wild Gotham. $2,500 SB ticket. $900 hotel room. Why leave Washington or Colorado? Chill out at home bogarting a legal doobie with cheap munchies.

As for the game itself. Can Sherman’s Legion of Boom make enough of their own noise to drown out Manning’s screaming ducks? I don’t care. On 9/26/13, Joey3Sticks predicted Broncos 27- Seahawks 17. Impressive. We’ll see.

2 Replies to “Jersey Bowl”

  1. I’m back!!! 2 weeks of being Joeypants has left me needing anything but, well….. Pants. My SB witchcraft will prove correct as I think the score may hold up as well. In my time away, the following opinions need to be stated:
    *American Idol is back! 3 judges who judge and don’t want to kill each other. Likeable, fun talented singers. Surprises coming. I will watch again!
    *SNL last week was hysterical!! Figure skating skit great, Kate McKinnon next Kristen Wig, Seth will be missed!!
    *Nebraska was by far my favorite Oscar movie. American Hustle great but predictable. 12 Years almost too tough to get through. Captain Phillips….Gump looking for Wilson. Eh.
    That’s it for now. Let’s talk tomorrow from the top of some bridge in NYC.


    1. Joey! Pants. Agree with you on American Idol. Harry Connick and Keith Urban technically brilliant musicians. JLo has innate experience and heart. Harry is also hilarious. Love this season. Didn’t like SNL, will give it some time. Every skit goes on too long. Hope to see Nebraska.


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