Having just finished Sphere Within A Sphere, Part I of Eleanor Catton’s ghost novel The Luminaries, noticed it all took place on January 27, 1866. Hmmm.

Last night’s Grammy’s short on talent, long on production values. Melody and lyrics as backdrop to acrobatics and gyrating dances. Daft Punk’s Pharrell donned the sorting hat. Geezers should rest on their laurels.

Downton took on a peculiar tone. Mrs. Hughes acts out of character to an unholy portend. Grand dames reluctantly role model a sweet détente. Unsettling undercurrents rustle through the Abbey.

Funniest thing. Regis and Terry in a souper-bowl eating contest. Crowd Goes Wild. Bradshaw’s prevailing bet is 38 Omahas and a Seahawks win.

3 thoughts on “Luminating

  1. Just read your Communion Town review on Amazon and made my way to your blog. I was reading reviews because I just finished The Luminaries and wanted to make sure I wasn’t in for another disappointment. Your commentary is funny – Pharrells sorting hat! and now I’m off to catch up on Downton. Mrs Hughes out of character really?


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