After Globe

SNL-produced Globes. So. Tina & Amy as hosts. They did have some funny moments. Regis’ son-in-law Michael Schur, got insider trading from his alum chums. Poehler won for his Parks and Rec. His Brooklyn Nine Nine won as did Andy Samberg. Coinkydink? I think not. Happy about American Hustle, but Bale was robbed. Ray Donovan’s Jon Voight, yay. Selfie slurry speeches galore.

Brutality was the theme of the rest of Sunday. More and more it seems the NFL is filled with expendable angry gladiators. Panthers emerged as if in a ‘roid rage. Scary trend will not end well. Over in the recently serene halls of Downton, a violent 0peratic attack stunned. Abbey concrete crumbling again.

4 Replies to “After Globe”

  1. I’m as big an NFL fan as there is, but it gets tougher to watch each week. Players and fans are taking it to extreme levels never seen before. It’s only a matter of time before a terrible tragic event happens during a game. (Actually, it already has outside of stadiums). I hate to say it but it’s getting out of hand. Guess I’m getting old? Or am I? It was never this way. Yes, Dad threw magazines at the tv during Giants games. That’s as far as it got. I want to watch football and I want my kids to as well. I hope the culture changes for all as it can’t continue this way!!


    1. It was hard to watch sometimes on Sunday. I love hard-fought sport. This is not that. Culture-shift will be a challenge, hope it’s still possible. Follow the money. As for Dad, sometimes there were shoes involved.


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