Cold Snaps

How many wildcard quarterbacks will drop snaps this weekend? Players’ frigid fingers. Fans’ frostbitten butts. Frozen Kaepsickle may not thaw. Rodgers’ collarbone brittle. At least it’ll be warm watching in a pub. Tundra bowls.

Sorry, mAdBen. These homemade Doritos Crash the Superbowl commercials are clever and hilarious. I pick the time machine to win.

August: Osage County, Tracy Letts’ Pulitzer-prize play. Humorous cynical glimpse into a deeply dysfunctional family. Estelle Parsons’ spirited, sassy performance as Violet, the acerbic matriarch was one of the most brilliant I’ve seen on Broadway. Looks like Hollywood has tarnished her tour de force. Meryl Streep as Violet, seems cast to serve as Julia Roberts’ nasty chick flick mother.

Quiz: What role does Tracy Letts play on TV’s Homeland? Hint: Cheney.

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